Wearable Technology – the future?

Technology plays a huge role in our lives, whether it be a car or a smartphone. Recently wearable technology, such as a smart watch or fit bit, has come into its infant stage. In “Where Wearable Technology Ends Up”, Nick Bilton describes his experience with wearable technology and how it has held up throughout his time with it. Bilton says that all the wearable tech that he had bought throughout the years has just been left in his junk drawer after only just a few uses. What Bilton is trying to say is that wearable technology, such as a smart watch by Apple, Samsung, etc, has come at the wrong time. We are not ready for wearable tech yet because the point can be made that whatever a smart watch can do, a smartphone can do that plus more. Bilton lists some wearable tech to prove his point. He mentions the google glasses that was launched a couple years back and says how that has flopped. According to this article, the main reason as to why the google glasses failed is because of its cost and the software bugs. He also briefly mentions the Fit bit, a watch-like device that tracks your health such as your heart rate and counting calories, and how it has gain $10 billion in the early 2015 and has now gone to $3.7 billion. The fit bit failed because it had too many problems with it, such as the battery not charging to not being able to sync to your mobile device.

The data and personal experience shown in this article leads me to believe that it is true that we are not ready for wearable technology yet. I mean, yes it’s pretty neat that we have gotten so far with technology that we now have a mini phone on our wrists, but most people don’t realize that it’s just a gimmick. Like I had mentioned in the pervious paragraph, wearable technology is just in its infant stage, it’s almost like a prototype for the consumers. It is important because consumers need to understand that smart watches are just a gimmick now, it serves almost no purpose of owning one besides looking cool. Consumers need to take a step back and look at the whole picture before buying these new wearable techs that will probably just end up in their drawer like Bilton said. Every year better versions of the previous technology comes out, like smart phones, and if it were this were the same for smart watches then people would try to get their hands on the latest and newest thing. But if we can just look past wearable technology for now, we would not be so inclined to buy the newest thing to replace the old one because we were not even in the “tech trend” in the first place. For example, when I was younger I wanted the newest gaming devices, whether it be a Gameboy to a 3DS, I wanted it all. But as I grew, I realized that I can’t be always chasing for the current new technology because every year an improved version comes out.



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