Topic Proposal

I am interested in technology because the topic itself is so vast, and I can take it into many different directions. Personally I am not a huge tech-savvy person, but I do enjoy exploring technology as a whole and seeing the different impacts it has on the world. Technology is already a huge part in everyone’s daily life and it affects them in a way which they take for granted. What I wanted to know is how did technology slowly seep into our daily lives and become a part of us. Is technology going to continue and affect our lives in the future? Is it going to permanently be a part of us and we would not be able to live without it? Is it possible to escape from technology? If so, how? These are the questions I would like to answer throughout my semester blog post.

Technology is a broad topic so I narrowed it down to how and why technology is continually affecting our lives and what we can do to stop being assimilated into this technological world.  First I intend to give a brief history of technology; such as when the first major technological advancement we have made and continue on from there. To make this much easier on myself, I will mainly be discussing about the common technology we use everyday, such as smartphones, laptops, cars, etc. At the end of this blog post, I hope I can inform the reader about how technology is affecting our lives and convince them to limit their use of technology that is almost affecting every aspect of their life. It might help if I have done a good bit of research beforehand because then I would know if the topic I’m choosing will have enough content for me to write about throughout the whole semester. This might change when I am blogging throughout the semester, but I plan to stick close to what I have plan now.

These past few years, there have been many articles outlining the growth of technology and how it is continually affecting our lives. In human kinetics, they do a good job in explain the positive and negative effects of technology on everyday life. There also have been countless articles about how smartphones are impacting our lives. Many people are writing about technology, mainly the ones we use daily, because it is extremely relevant to our lives. Everywhere you look, there is some kind of technology.

There are many different types of issues you can dive into when talking about technology. But in this case the main one would be how technology is affecting our lives in a negative way and what we can to do prevent this from happening. I am aware that it is nearly impossible to cut technology out of our lives completely because we are in the 21st century and technology is such a huge thing and is everywhere, but by the end of this blog I plan to come up with a solution to using less technology in our daily lives. Others might say that technology is a great thing, and I do not disagree. Technological advancements in the medical field, space, and many other things are great. But for this topic, I am mainly focusing on technology we use in our daily lives, such as TVs, smartphones, cars, laptops, etc. While there are positives in using these technology, I am bringing the negative impacts it has on our daily life without us knowing. Some aspects to consider when talking about technology affecting our lives is how it is impacting our social life and overall mood. These are the mini topics I plan on integrating in my blog tops throughout the semester.

I feel like everyone who uses any type of technology daily should care. Although it would not hurt those who live in rural areas with limited technology to know about this either because now they are able to decide for themselves whether they want to plunge into a city in the future and be surrounded by technology. Anyone who uses technology in their lives almost everyday should care because they should know how it is impacting their lives for better or for worse. Even if you do not use technology it is nice to know just incase in the future you plan to make technology a part of your life, and since you have already read about my blog, you would know you should limit yourself.



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